Creative Designer
Born from print.  Raised in advertising.  Lives to create.
Meet Jay Alejandro. He's a Creative Designer. He works in print and the web. He's worked for publishing, marketing, and now software. What else can he do? Let's find out...
He fights for the users!
As an Experience Designer, Jay always has the user in mind. Who they are. How they use the product. This helps him decide what standards to bring forward and apply to the creative process.

In turn, Jay provides a natural and effective design for the audience that matters the most: you.
Fact #74
Jay believes ideas cannot thrive in a vacuum. That is why Jay lives for working in a group environment and sharing ideas - both big and small.

However, Jay tends to communicate using movie quotes. Lots of movie quotes. Excessively. He apologizes in advance for this.
A deadline by any other name...
Jay gained valuable time-management skills and dealing with high-pressure situations in the Editorial department of the largest circulated newspaper in New Jersey. Daily deadlines were the norm. And missing them was not an option.

If it's that important to you, then it's that important to Jay.
Fact #44
Jay approaches each choice with practical application always in mind.

For instance, given a choice to be a vampire or werewolf, Jay always chooses 'werewolf' for the slightest possibility that it will increase his chances of growing a goatee. Good luck with that, Jay...
Papa's got a brand new brand!
A company's brand is more than a slick logo. It has to convey a message from one person to another. It must not be confusing. It needs to be clear and concise.

Jay knows this. And he makes every effort to know you. It's what he does to make you look good.
Fact #223
Jay is very generous. He will put in the time to see a project through and will assume any role that is needed to make it happen. But he will not share White Castle hamburgers. Period.
There is no "i" in details. Oh, wait...
It simply boils down to personality.

An almost obssessive complusion to pore over every aspect of the work. A need check, re-check, then check again each milestone of a project.

Luckily, Jay is this type of person. And he doubts he will ever change.
Fact #924
During his career, Jay has been nominated many times for various design awards and has won a few from Graphic Design: USA, the Art Director's Club of NJ, and the International Asssociation of Business Communicators.

While it truly is an honor just being nominated, Jay really, really enjoys winning!
Oodles of doodles
What started in the margins of Jay's grade school notebooks has evolved into a fun, personal gallery of work that is part of The Sketchbook Project, a travelling exhibit sponsored by and archived in the Brooklyn Art Library.